虽然还有很多限制, 比如对手机型号的限制, 但是LBS业务已经在悄悄地兴起, 预计国内的LBS业务很快会出现同样的爆发.

即是商机, 又是挑战!

Verizon Wireless launched a wireless service that allows parents to track the whereabouts of their child on demand and also notifies them when the child ventures out of bounds. Reports from the tracker service, called “Chaperone,” include street addresses, intersections, or if the child is in a park, a map of the child’s surroundings. The location-viewing feature runs $9.99 a month while adding the boundary-setting feature costs an additional $10 a month. The service gives parents a choice of 10 different handsets, while the kids have to use the four-button LG Migo phone, at least for now. The Migo phone notifies the child when the parents locates them by glowing blue.

Sprint launched a similar service in April and the MVNO Disney Mobile is set to launch one this summer as well. The rise of location-based services signals the carriers’ efforts to capitalize on the weakly enforced federal mandate to make all mobile phones 911-ready.