VMware Workstation Player开源了?

某软件镜像需要VMware Workstation Player才能使用,下载VMware Workstation Player的时候,发现有个开源代码的链接,以前倒是没有看到过。难道VMware Workstation Player就此开源了?


下载并打开压缩包一看,并非如此,而是VMware Workstation Player中用到的开源软件,其中有43个开源包,包括gcc、python等系统,也有一些纯属模块。


现在很多软件厂家的产品或多或少都会使用一些开源社区的软件,一方面可以加快开发速度,另外一方面可以降低人员培养成本。但是无形中,就引入了Richard Stallman播下的GPL种子。按照“上帝”的规矩,这些软件产品是要开源的。

atkmm-2.22.7.tgz gettext-v0.20.1.tar.gz libffi-v3.2.1.tar.gz libtiff-Release-v4-0-8.tgz
cairo-1.14.12.tar.gz gksu-2.0.2.tgz libgcrypt-1.8.0.tgz libudev-163.tgz
cairomm-1.10.0.tgz glib-2.48.2.tar.gz libgksu-2.0.12.tgz libusb-1.0.9.tgz
cdrtools-2.01.tgz glibmm-2.40.0.tgz libgpg-error-1.27.tgz libxml-v2.9.9.tar.gz
dbus-1.4.16.tgz gnome_vte-0.44.3.tar.gz libgtop-2.34.1.tgz ocaml-3.12.1.tgz
expat-2.2.7.tar.gz gtk+-3.14.15.tar.gz libiconv-v1.15.tar.gz openssl-OpenSSL_1_0_2s.tgz
fuse_2.9.4.tgz gtkmm-3.10.1.tgz libjpeg-turbo-1.4.2.tar.gz pango-1.40.13.tar.gz
gcc-4.8.4.tgz jansson-v2.10.tar.gz librsvg-2.40.18.tgz pangomm-2.34.0.tgz
gcr-3.20.0.tgz libaio-0.3.106.tgz libsigc++-2.4.1.tgz protobuf-c-1.2.1.tgz
gdk-pixbuf-2.36.11.tar.gz libcroco-0.6.11.tgz libtasn1-4.9.tgz pulseaudio-0.9.22.tgz
python-v3.7.2.tar.gz startup-notification-0.9.tgz zenity-3.22.0.tgz

其中VMware Workstation Pro也是这样,涉及到另外一批开源软件。


VMware主页上列出了31个产品,比以前多了一些,除了计算、网络、存储之外,主要就是管理类产品。基本上属于传统行业了,除了目前和公有云厂家大量合作之外,据说最近收购了一些PaaS相关的Cloud Native厂家,下面是2个最近的,但是还没有看到新产品发布

  1. VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), a leading innovator in enterprise software, today announced it has completed its acquisition of Carbon Black, a leader in cloud-native endpoint protection, in an all-cash transaction for $26 per share, representing an enterprise value of $2.1 billion. Carbon Black brings us an industry-leading endpoint and workload security platform, with a cloud-native architecture, an AI-powered data lake and a smart, lightweight agent,” said Sanjay Poonen, chief operating officer, Customer Operations, VMware. “The Carbon Black platform, along with VMware NSX, VMware Workspace ONE, VMware Secure State and our future innovations, will deliver a highly-differentiated intrinsic security platform across network, endpoint, workload, identity, cloud and analytics. We believe this will bring a fundamentally new paradigm to the security industry.”
  2. VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), today announced its intent to acquire Avi Networks, a leader in multi-cloud application delivery services. Deployed today at hundreds of global enterprises—including Fortune 500 companies representing the world’s largest financial services, media, and technology companies—Avi Networks will further enable VMware to bring the public cloud experience to the entire data center—automated, highly scalable, and intrinsically more secure with the ability to deploy applications with a single click, upon close of the acquisition. Leveraging a common architectural foundation, VMware and Avi Networks will be able to deliver the industry’s only complete software-defined networking stack from L2-7 built for the modern multi-cloud era after the deal closes.


Datacenter & Cloud Infrastructure

VMware vCloud Suite Platinum
VMware vCloud Suite
VMware vSphere with Operations Management
VMware vSphere
VMware vSAN
VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced
VMware vSphere Storage Appliance
VMware vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi)
VMware vCloud Director

Infrastructure & Operations Management

VMware vRealize Suite
VMware vRealize Operations
VMware vRealize Operations for IBM Power Systems
VMware vRealize Automation
VMware vRealize Business for Cloud
VMware vRealize Log Insight
VMware Integrated OpenStack
VMware Site Recovery Manager
VMware vCenter Converter Standalone

Networking & Security

VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere
VMware NSX-T Data Center

Desktop & End-User Computing

VMware Horizon
VMware Horizon (with View)
VMware Horizon Apps
VMware Horizon Clients
VMware Workspace
VMware Mirage
VMware ThinApp
VMware Workstation Pro
VMware Workstation Player
VMware Fusion



附录2:VMware Workstation Player 使用的所有开源软件的许可

VMware Workstation 15.5.1 Pro and VMware Workstation 15.5.1 Player GA


The following copyright statements and licenses apply to various open
source software packages (or portions thereof) that are distributed with
this VMware Product.

The VMware Product may also include other VMware components, which may
contain additional open source software packages. One or more such
open_source_licenses.txt files may therefore accompany this VMware

The VMware Product that includes this file does not necessarily use all
the open source software packages referred to below and may also only
use portions of a given package.

=============== TABLE OF CONTENTS =============================

The following is a listing of the open source components detailed in
this document. This list is provided for your convenience; please read
further if you wish to review the copyright notice(s) and the full text
of the license associated with each component.

SECTION 1: Academic Free License, V2.1

>>> dbus-1.4.16

SECTION 2: Apache License, V2.0

>>> swagger-ui-2.11-M2


>>> Python-3.7.2
>>> ThinPrint-10.0.171
>>> boost-1.61
>>> cityhash-1.0.3
>>> curl-7.65.3
>>> cvt-2.0.6
>>> dxsdk-nov2007
>>> e1000-efi-3.5.09
>>> e1000e-efi-4.0.15
>>> edk2-2
>>> edk2-fat-driver-58
>>> egl-extapi-2013.0
>>> expat-2.2.7
>>> fastlz-0.1.0
>>> fontconfig-2.13.0
>>> freebsd-base64-4.8
>>> freebsd-iso9660-6.0
>>> freetype-2.9
>>> getopt.c-none-vmwmisc
>>> harfbuzz-1.3.2
>>> icu-data-4.4-1
>>> jansson-2.10
>>> libepoxy-1.4.0
>>> libffi-3.2.1
>>> libjpeg-turbo-1.4.2
>>> libogg-1.3.2
>>> libopus-1.1.4
>>> libpng-1.2.59
>>> libspeexdsp-1.2rc3
>>> libtiff-4.0.8
>>> libvorbis-1.3.5
>>> libxdr-openbsd-4.3
>>> libxml2-2.9.9
>>> libyuv-r1662
>>> mesa-10.6.0
>>> ncurses-5.5
>>> openssl-1.0.2t
>>> p11-kit-0.23.2
>>> pcre-8.42
>>> pcsc-lite-1.4.4
>>> pixman-0.34.0
>>> protobuf-2.5.0
>>> protobuf-c-1.2.1
>>> sha256-8/26/2003
>>> sqlite-3.10.2
>>> startup-notification-0.9
>>> tcp-wrappers-7.6-1
>>> xorg-7.7
>>> zip-3.0
>>> zlib-1.2.11

SECTION 4: GNU General Public License, V2.0

>>> atkmm-2.22.7
>>> cdrtools-2.01
>>> fuse-2.9.4
>>> gksu-2.0.2
>>> libfuse-2.9.4
>>> libgtop-2.34.1
>>> libudev-163

SECTION 5: GNU General Public License, V3.0

>>> gcc-4.8.4
>>> gettext-runtime-0.20.1

SECTION 6: GNU Lesser General Public License, V2.1

>>> 7zip-18.05
>>> Libgpg-error-1.27
>>> alsa-lib-1.0.13
>>> cairo-1.14.12
>>> glibmm-2.40.0
>>> gtkmm-3.10.1
>>> libgcrypt-1.8.0
>>> libsigc++-2.4.1
>>> libtasn1-4.9
>>> libusb-1.0.9
>>> pangomm-2.34.0
>>> pulseaudio-0.9.22
>>> vte-0.44.3

SECTION 7: GNU Library General Public License, V2.0

>>> at-spi2-atk-2.10.2
>>> at-spi2-core-2.10.2
>>> atk-2.28.1
>>> cairomm-1.10.0
>>> gcr-3.20.0
>>> gdk-pixbuf-2.36.11
>>> glib-2.48.2
>>> gtk+-3.14.15
>>> libaio-0.3.106
>>> libcroco-0.6.11
>>> libgksu-2.0.12
>>> libiconv-1.15
>>> librsvg-2.40.18
>>> pango-1.40.13
>>> zenity-3.22.0

SECTION 8: Microsoft Permissive Public License

>>> wtl-9.1

SECTION 9: Q Public License, V1.0

>>> ocaml-3.12.1

APPENDIX. Standard License Files

>>> Academic Free License, V2.1

>>> Apache License, V2.0

>>> GNU General Public License, V2.0

>>> GNU General Public License, V3.0

>>> GNU Library General Public License, V2.0

>>> GNU Lesser General Public License, V2.1

>>> Microsoft Permissive Public License

>>> Q Public License, V1.0

>>> GNU Free Documentation License V1.1

>>> GNU Free Documentation License V1.2

>>> GNU Free Documentation License V1.3

>>> GNU Lesser General Public License, V3.0

>>> Mozilla Public License, V2.0

>>> Creative Commons Attribution License, V3.0

>>> Microsoft Reciprocal License

>>> Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike, V3.0




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